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Our screw machine companies: producing precision parts for over 60 years

Alpine Electronic Components, Inc
dates back to the early 1950s. At its location on 15 Nutmeg Valley Road in Wolcott, CT, the original factory was called Nutmeg Screw Machine Company. It was incorporated in 1953 by John A. Iorio and soon grew to 110 employees operating 72 different screw machines, drill presses, millers and threaders. By the end of that decade, the plant had expanded to 18,000 square feet and business was at its peak. Since then, son Ted J. Iorio has worked in all departments learning the business, eventually managing Nutmeg until he bought it out from his father in 1983. The name of the original plant then changed to Alpine Electronic Components and a friendly partnership was formed with Micro-Automatics, a company started by Ted to use Davenport and Brown & Sharpe screw machines in addition to Alpine’s swiss machines. Still under Ted’s management, Alpine and Micro-Automatics continue to operate today.

Founded by Charlie Beyer and Mary Gretchen Iorio, the granddaughter of John A. Iorio, in 2010, Beyer Precision is a continuation in this long line of screw machining history. Beyer Precision, LLC was started to produce quality small turned parts in a variety of metals (brass, aluminum, stainless steel, etc.) through swiss screw machining. It is dedicated to manufacturing precise, cost-efficient pieces to fit customers’ blueprint specifications/designs. The aim is to provide customer satisfaction with each order, no matter the intricacy or volume.

Since the time Beyer Precision was organized, the opportunity to buy the assets of Mario Precision Products was realized. The best part of the deal was getting Mario Dias, a knowledgeable and well-respected machinist, in the process. In addition to Mario, Nelson Auger and Frank Roy, with years of experience working / teaching screw machining among them, are on hand to advise and work the most difficult of jobs. Eventually, Beyer Precision hopes to acquire more CNC screw machines and concentrate on swiss products. Currently, quotes for all pieces are provided and many different types of orders are handled.