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Alpine Electronic Components, Inc 
Beyer Precision, LLC

Alpine Electronic Components (and its companion companies, Micro-Automatics and Beyer Precision) manufactures screw machine products, fabricates large or small orders to blueprint specifications and prototypes new parts. As per the following facility list, we have CNC, swiss, Brown & Sharpe and Davenport capability:

   Star:  SB-20E CNC (one)
   (up to .781" capacity)
   Star:  SR-16 CNC (one)                 
   (up to .630" capacity)

Swiss Automatic Machines
        (up to 25/32" capacity)  

   Tornos: M-7 (four), R-12.5 (one)
   Strohms: 20.5 mm (one),10 mm (one)     
   Petermann: P16 (one)
   Star: SJ-8R (two)

Brown & Sharpe (thirteen)
   #00 (up to 1/2" capacity)
   #0   (up to 3/4" capacity)
   #2   (up to 1 1/2" capacity)

Davenport (ten)
   up to 3/4" capacity

Milling machines
   Bridgeport miller with D.R.O. (one)    
   Husky miller (one)
   Precision Rouse miller (one)

   South Bend (one)
   Hardinge (one)
   Hardinge semi-automatic chucker (one)
   Enco turret (one)

Inspection equipment
   J&L - 14" optical comparator
   Thread, ring & pin gages (various sizes)

   Black Diamond precision drill grinder
   Agathon precision tool & surface grinders
   Drill presses (four)
   Deburring machines (two)
   Chip separators
   Oil spinner
   Air compressors (two)